We work with companies to solve their problems by designing solutions for their customer’s problems.

Let’s face it, you want your business to be successful and good design is good for business. See what we can do for you, how we go about it, and who you would work with.

What do we do?

We get asked this a lot. Single taglines and elevator statements can sound hollow and contrived. So here is the longer explanation…

Good Citizen is a digital (design and development) studio. We partner with like-minded strategists, designers, developers, and marketers in an Avengers model. We assemble the perfect team to solve the problem at hand.

We believe in the power of design thinking to solve human problems. We love creating digital products and services that people enjoy and that bring delight. Obviously, we’re into design and technology, we wouldn’t be able to create engaging new experiences if we weren’t, but we love people. People are the most important part of what we do, because we’re here to solve problems for them and not just take up space. By focusing on strategy, design, and technology, we create experiences that meet the needs of our clients, and their customers, in ways that are delightful and unexpected.


How do we do it?

We do it Together

We’re solving problems and creating products for you and your customers, so we want to know how you think, how you work, and what you need. So, communication is key. we’re going to ask a lot of questions, so that we can deliver what you need even if its not what you expected. Unlike a traditional agency, we don’t silo our strategists from the designers, from the developers. Everyone, including you, is creative. Every discipline contributes to the process of designing the best solution, and we do that in an iterative fashion that allows us to stay put until that solution comes to light.

We do it Content First.

Our web products are designed to be effective. we’re here to help you communicate to your audience. So, we shape designs around what you are communicating, your content. Content-first is more than just gathering and creating your content first, it puts the content on center stage. We strategize, design and develop around that primary thing that your customers are coming for.

We do it Future Friendly

Smartphones and tablets are quickly dominating the internet, but there is no longer the guarantee that we will know exactly what type of device people are using to access your content. So we design and build products that look and work great no matter what device you’re using.

We do it Iteratively

Gone are the days when designers locked themselves away to do their thing and then tossed it over the wall for the developers to “make it happen”. Great design is the differentiator in any successful product or service and design is the work that we all do together. Great design is not just what you see, but the result of constant iteration and evolution. We use things like element collages, style tiles, style prototypes, moodboards, and visual inventories, project hubs, atomic design patterns, and wireframe prototypes in order to work out the details and find the best solution.

Who we are

We are a small team of storytellers, designers, strategists, coders and marketers all working together to bring out the best in your brand and your product. We each have our individual strengths, but we assemble on a regular basis to save the world for our customers.

John Peele
Principal, Product Designer

Strategy, UX, UI, Front-end Dev

Jordan Cauley

Strategy, Full Stack Dev

David Horne

Strategy, UX, Digital Marketing

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